The last bits and pieces of the hardware and software integration

Help ...In the last weeks, we have worked hard to integrate the hardware and the software. Just like a real project, we had some unexpected failures. In this article, I will mention a couple of them.

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Sioux.NET on Track is selected to join Lego World 2014 in Utrecht (the Netherlands)

Just a small note: our project was selected from many subscriptions to join Lego World 2014 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

We are now in the integration phase, the complete layout has been setup in our office so we can test our software against the completed hardware. Below you see the complete layout.

Our layout setup for testing

See you all at Lego World.


Sending data over WiFi between our PC application and the EV3 (part 4)

In the previous article about ‘Sending data over Wifi between our PC application and the EV3, part 3‘, I explained how the workaround works. This part describes the protocol that we are implementing to make sure that all data that is send, is correctly processed.

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Testing the NXT and EV3 programs (continued)

In an earlier article, I mentioned that I wrote a small test program to send commands to a NXT or EV3 program for testing purposes. I have updated this application with the possibility to send and retrieve data over a WiFi connection. Next, you must enter the name of the Brick name to connect to. Error handling is not implemented. For example, if you switch off the NXT or EV3 while the connection is open, the application crashes. That is the reason that I don’t share this application (yet, don’t know if anyone would be interested).

PC To Mindstorms Command Hub - Version 2

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Sending data over WiFi between our PC application and the EV3 (part 3)

Dead EndIn the previous post, I wrote that I didn’t manage to get the Direct Commands working that open and read a mailbox. And that I managed to get the workaround working to send data from the EV3 to the PC application. In this part I will tell you more about the other route that I found.


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