Testing the PUI (Physical User Interface)

Written a small NXT-G program to test if the PUI Smart buttons are working.

The program sends (one by one), using the Hi-Technic IR link a message to the four PF motors. The IR Receivers are working on channel 3 and 4, channel 1 and 2 are reserved for the trains. The NXT-G program containts additional threads to test if the Hi-Technic MUX received a ‘touch sensor pressed’ (1 = Green in UP position, 2 = Red in UP position, 3 = Yellow in UP position, 4 = Blue in UP position). It seems to works fine, but sometimes the MUX gives a wrong signal (at the 0:30 mark you hear ‘green’ which shouldn’t be there). Have to figure out how this can happen. Software problem? Hardware problem?


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