What happened in the past….

A couple of years ago, I started a new hobby: making a full automated Lego train, powered by Lego Mindstorms and an application written in the programming language C#. October 2011, my colleagues had organized the so-called SWOC (Sioux Weekend of Code). On the Saterday of the SWOC, I would give a demo of my hobby project.

Next to that, I was a member of the Sioux Expertisegroup “Capstick.NET”. This group came two-monthly together to discuss .NET related topics. But there was no coding involved 😦
So, I took the liberty during the demo if there would be other colleagues to start a subgroup within Capstick.NET to make a full automated Lego Train, using Lego Mindstorms and Microsoft.NET. No more talking about C#, let’s hit the keys!

The kickoff of this group (later on called .NET on Track) took place on November 9th, 2011.  In total 12 people (including me) were eager to make it happen… (to be continued)…


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