Beta release of NXT2EV3 connection hub coming soon…

I’ve been working on the NXT2EV3 connection hub. It should be available soon for a beta test.
NXT2EV3 Connection Hub
Interested? Please send me an email of leave a message to this post.

20 thoughts on “Beta release of NXT2EV3 connection hub coming soon…

  1. I am a German NXT User an I wont to conect mindstorms EV3 S,software to programming Nxt 2.0 But bluetoohs not working with NXT . Ist hhis with your gateway realy

    Thanks Raimi

    • Hi Raimund,

      You probably typed the message on your smartphone while driving a car :-) , since the message is full of typos (you won’t connect or you want to connect??). And it seems that you didn’t finish the last sentence (is this with your gateway really ….). Or did you mean ‘ready’ (but in that case, I don’t understand the question)?

      Sie können auch in Deutsch schreiben …

      • Hallo Hans
        Entschuldige mein Englisch. Ich wollte fragen ob es möglich ist den NXT 2.0 Baustein über Bluetooth an die neue EV3 Projektierungssiftware über dein Gateway anzukoppeln. Mit den USB Kabel macht es keinen Spaß. Bei mir findet die Software den NXT über Bluetooth nicht. Wie ich glesen habe liegt es am anderen Protokoll vom EV3.
        Lego scheint dies nicht besonders zu interessieren . Die neue Oberfläche ist aber schon etwas besser


  2. Hello. I would also like to try out your program. My son and I would love to get our NXT and EV3 to talk to each other. Will this only communicate in one direction (NXT->EV3)? If so, how difficult would it be to go the other direction (EV3->NXT)?

    • Hi Penopolis,

      The Hub is now only suitable for sending NXT messages to the EV3. It should not be to difficult (for a programmer) to add the reverse functionality. In fact, you triggered me. When i have time (probable after April) I will add this in my version as well.


  3. Hi,
    I am polish ev3 and NXT user and for a few days i trying connected this two bricks but i can not do it alone. I would be grateful if you’d send me the current version of your program. Greetings

  4. Hello. I would also like to try out your program.My project will need it.Can you send it to my e-mail.We are Taiwan’s college students.Thanks.

  5. Hi,

    I am interested in trying the NXT2EV3 connection hub, could you send me the program? I would really appreciate it 😊



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