The new Physical User Interface (PUI) for our track: Laser PUIstols.

One of the base elements of our layout, is the possibility to choose a color. Do you remember the previous Physical User Interface of 2012 and 2013:

PUI 2012 and 2013

Well, I can now proudly present the PUI for 2014 (created by Jan Willem van Silfhout), the Laser P(U)istols:


The base of the pistol is a remote control 8885 and the bricks from an EV3 Education set.  The trigger of the black pistol is connected to channel A and the trigger of the white pistol to channel B, this will make it possible to use one channel for both pistols.  On the track, four infrared EV3 sensors will be installed to represent the four colors that can be chosen. With these pistols, two visitors can simultaneously ‘shoot’ and choose a color. Which is the start signal for the train(s) to run and to pick-up the colored wagon with the candy (or whatever).

The next step is to design four color housings for the infrared sensors… (to be continued)


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