EV3 has WiFi around the corner

Our final track layout will consist of four NXT bricks and four EV3 bricks. If we would connect all the bricks using Bluetooth, we expect the connections to be unreliable. To prevent this problem from happening, we bought the recommended Netgear dongles (about 15 euro per dongle) to connect the four EV3 bricks  using WiFi.

A major issue that arises with the WiFi dongle is when connected to the EV3 Brick, the dongle sticks out from the side of the EV3 brick, getting in the way of everything. Allowing it to be easily knocked out from the EV3 Brick’s USB Socket. Therefor, I used an USB ‘around the corner’ adapter:

Mindstorms EV3 + Wifi dongle

You would expect: plug in the USB adapter, plug in the dongle, setup the EV3 software and ready. No… it took me about an hour to get the dongle working. I found out that the USB adapter was the problem. The adapter connecters are too short to function properly if you insert the dongle completely. If you insert the dongle leaving ~2 mm of space, then it works fine. So, I will have to look for other adapters 😦

But when it works, it is a relieve to have the USB cable not lying around anymore around my table. I can recommend this feature.


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