Sioux .NET on Track – now also on the road

Lego Race Truck (45560 + 45544, red+green)

Sioux Embedded Systems is organizing an event called “Technique in Automotive”. At this event, our Sioux.NET on Track expertise group will give a demo. Since trains are forbidden at this event, Jan Willem van Silfhout and I came up with the idea to use the PUI-stols for a race between two Mindstorms EV3 trucks. In the drawing you get an impression how it will look.

Lego Race Truck - Track Complete

With the PUI-stols you can shoot your truck in four directions:

Lego Race Truck - Arrows

As you can see, you cannot move the truck in a straight line. It is only possible to go left forward, left backward, right forward or right backward. So it won’t be easy to get the truck to finish…

If you are in the neighborhood, you’re welcome to visit our event with your family. For more information and registration visit the webpage (Dutch only).


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