Detailed view of the PUIstols receiver

I have finished the design of the PUIstols receiver:

PUIstols Receiver partThe sensor of the color that is hit, ‘falls’ backwards to indicate that it has been hit. The colored flag turns left or right to indicate which PUIstol did the job (left = PUIstol 1, right = PUIstol 2).

The dimensions of this PUI (Physical User Interface) is appr. 110 cm x 20 cm. Need to work on the transportability ;-). Three sensors (yellow, green and red) are already functional in the real version. To connect the red and blue sensors/motors, I used the 90 cm cables of HiTechnic. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough of these long cables to connect the blue one.

PUIstols Receiver part close-up

You can view a demo of the receiver at our Youtube channel:


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