The Candy Crane: why do easy if it can be done more complicated….

In the previous post, you have seen that the candy will be delivered by a mechanism that flips the whole wagon. But how are the wagons refilled? This is done by the Candy Crane:

Sioux.NET on Track - The Candy Crane

The crane picks up the candy from the grey area in the middle and moves it to the empty colored wagon. The candy will be in the same colors as the four wagons (yellow = lemon flavor, green = apple flavor, red = strawberry flavor, blue = blueberry flavor). I wrote a demo EV3 program to check if the crane operates conform expectations. In principal: it does. But the sensors are not always working and the up/down movement is not controlled by a sensor. The brick has to move it up all the way to know the position. So, it is not ready yet. It has to be made more reliable for Lego World.

You can watch the video at Youtube:


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