Successful run of Candy Transporter Mechanism

Hooray! Today I had the first successful run of the Transporter Mechanism. Finally, I succeeded in closing the square (literally) that the candy containers are circling around in the container storage.

The problem is that the corners need to be exactly synchronized. For each corner, this is not that difficult by adjusting the gears. But, when I finished the last corner, I found out that the beginning of the conveyer belt was not in sync with the end of the conveyer belt. Therefor, I had to let go the solution with the track elements.

No track elements

But what then?

I found the solution with partly the old track elements and wheels. As you can see in the Youtube video, the old track elements transport the candy container to the wheels. The wheels are synchronized with the conveyer belt and a color sensor. When the sensor detects a candy container, the synchronization mechanism activates at the right moment the wheels. The candy container is moved to the conveyer belt, without hitting the rotating hooks.

Candy Transporter Mechanism - Explanation

I know, it is difficult to explain. Just take a look at the Youtube video and you’ll understand how it works.

Additional pictures can be found at our Flickr page.


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