Final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (in test set-up)

At our Youtube channel, I have uploaded the final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (CRS). In the picture below, you see the CRS in the test set-up.

Candy Rotation Stock (final version in test set-up)

Take a look at the video below to see the CRS in action. In this test set-up, the NXT brick simulates the Buffer Control brick that is connected to the PC. The BC brick receives that chosen color from the PC that has been chosen at the PUI Receiver. The chosen color is passed to the CRS-EV3’s (two EV3’s in daisy chain and therefor not possible to connect them to the PC, see article that describes the problem) using the Motor Protocol.

The CRS is part of the Candy Crane. The Candy Crane is responsible for picking the candy out of the container and deliver it to the wagon.




2 thoughts on “Final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (in test set-up)

  1. Cool..can i know what is the process to do that daisy-chaining mode?

    I’m working on the LabView program right now to figure out how to connect two brick in once. Maybe I think we can discuss together about this process?

    • Dear Rahman,

      If you want to daisy-chain two or more bricks:
      * Open the Mindstorms programming environment
      * Open your program (or a new one)
      * Click on the ‘tool’ tab
      * Just below the picture, you can see a tick-box “Daisy-Chain Mode”

      That’s all you need to do.

      From that moment, you can choose in your working space the sensors / motors if they are connected to brick #1, #2, etc.

      Hope this helps.

      Best regards

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