Redesigning the Candy Rotation stock

After building the final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (CRS), I transported the object to our office to integrate it with the other parts of the track. I found out that the CRS was not robust enough and it took some time before it worked again. Although the concept works, it was not good enough to run for a couple of minutes without problems. And I needed it to work for four days at Lego World!

So I took the difficult decision to redesign it.

The redesign will be based on the conveyor belt that I found on Youtube (user ssugawara1955):


And this is my proof of concept:


I have ordered some extra parts to make a complete square and two switch points: one switch point that will lead to the Crane Pickup location and one switch point where new containers can be inserted to the rotation stock.

The proof of concept is powered by PF motors, but the final version will be using (of course) Mindstorms motors.

You can follow the progress of the building at our Flickr page.


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