Sioux.NET on Track for Lego World Utrecht 2015

Sioux.NET on Track for Lego World Utrecht 2015

The last weeks were rather hectic. Finalizing our fully automatic train layout was just like a real project: strange errors, unreliable bluetooth, confused light sensors. We had it all. But we made it!

In the video below, you can see the layout working. From selecting a candy color with a candy ticket until the final delivery of the candy. A total of eight EV3 bricks and one NXT brick is used to control the layout. The PC application is written in Microsoft.NET C# and WPF.


The following image contains a screenshot of the UI. It displays the progress of the ‘order number’, which matches the number on the candy ticket.

Sioux.NET on Track - Screenshot of the UI


The operator can follow the status of the software in a state diagram, which is updated on each step:

Sioux.NET on Track - State Diagram

The layout will be presented from Sunday October 25 until Tuesday October 27 at Lego World Utrecht 2015. You can visit us there.



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