Lego vacuum grabber for picking up the candy tickets

For Lego World 2016, we have planned to pickup and hand over the candy tickets using a vacuum grabber.

Posted Image

We have used the old Lego pneumatic parts to create the vacuum. The old parts use air pressure to push a pneumatic cylinder out and it uses a vacuum to pull the pneumatic cylinder back in. We use such a pneumatic cylinder to create the vacuum. Note that the use of element 4692  is central for creating the vacuum. This three port distribution block has a pressure and vacuum outlet port, normally used for pushing and pulling the cylinder and now used for creating the vacuum.

Lego 4692

Photo’s of the vacuum grabber can be found here, the video is on our Youtube channel.

Picking up however, was not really easy. You’ll have to press the grabber quite hard against the ticket and the ticket needed some plastic foil at the backside to prevent air leakage through the paper.

To get more vacuum, I’ve tried to speed up the pump. And this simple fix makes a huge difference, see the latest video at our Youtube channel.


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