Engineering the new delivery station for Lego World 2016

For Lego World 2016, we are engineering a new delivery station. Some background information: in the 2015 version, the candy crane grabbed the candy directly. Unfortunately, too often the candy fell out of the grabber during the movement of the crane. Therefore, we decided to update the crane that it would pick up the complete container (with the candy, of course :-)). The crane update is already finished as you can read in our previous article. In this article, you can read about the ideas of the new delivery station.

Sketch Delivery Station for Lego World 2016

If the train stops at the delivery station, the candy container will be moved with some kind of push mechanism. It is pushed, from the wagon onto a platform. Then, the container is moved from the platform to a fork lift mechanism. This lift mechanism picks up the container with the candy. At the top, the container is turned around to get the candy out of the container.

From that point, the candy is moved to a box where the visitor can take it out after inserting his ticket. In parallel, the container is moved to another location, preferably where it can be refilled with a new candy for a next visitor.

Proof of concept: Delivery Station 2016

At our Youtube channel you can see a first prototype. We’ll keep you posted with our progress.



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