Finally, the lockers for the Delivery Station

One of the items that needed to be designed and build, were the lockers for the Delivery Station. As described in the article “Engineering the new delivery station for Lego World 2016“, the lockers are (literally) the final part of the the delivery station. The lockers form the part where the visitors can grab their candy. The main challenge for the lockers was to design a door that would be appealing for the visitor. So, not just a typical locker as can be found in a gym or school. But what then … a sliding door? A garage door? A bus door?

Lockers for Delivery Station ...?

One of the team members suggested to make a spiral door like they use in Minecraft and he showed me a video on Youtube. That gave me the inspiration to build a door that opens like an iris. Did somebody already build a Lego Technic iris? And yes, I got exactly hit:

The problem was that this iris uses an outside mechanism making it too large for what I needed. So, I made my own version using gears to turn the six door elements. The proof of concept:

After the door was designed, I made a honeycomb-like structure to contain the candy. Funny detail: based on the proof of concept, I ordered the Lego elements to build the four doors. I didn’t check if the doors once connected to eachother, would fit the other parts of the Delivery Station. And guess what: it was an exact fit. It shouldn’t have been one stud wider … so just dumb luck 😉

Dumb Luck Quote

Anyway, after building the honeycomb elements, I connected it to the Delivery Station part where the candies are split from the containers and the candies are transported using a conveyor belt outside the structure:

Sioux.NET on Track - Delivery Station - Container and Candy Split

I noticed that the candy was not moved into the honeycomb but got somehow stuck between the conveyor belt and the locker.

Locker - Candy gets stuck

Although it was not a real problem, since the visitor needs to put his hand inside the locker to fetch the candy, I wanted to prevent that he had to put his hand to deep inside the locker. So, I added a wheel that just spins and moves the candy from the conveyor belt into the locker:

Locker - Candy gets stuck - solution

Opening  of the doors is controlled by the PC application. Once a ticket has been inserted into the ticket reader, the locker containing the candy is opened. But when can the door close?
For the closing of the door, a sensor (per locker) has been added. The sensor checks if the hand of the visitor is inside, is then retracted and then it waits two seconds before closing the door.

Lockers - Close-up of sensor

Building of the lockers is almost complete, just ordered some more pieces to finish the last two doors. Click on the picture below to watch more Work-in-Progress at our Flickr page.

Lockers - Almost finished building


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