Sioux.NET on Sidetrack…. something completely different

Within our fully automated train project Sioux.NET on Track, we are starting a new sideproject called Sioux.NET on Sidetrack.

The Sioux.NET on Sidetrack project is going to optimize the Lego soccer robot. The robot is a creation of the son of one of the members of the group. You can read more about this robot at the blog of The NXT Step is EV3 and a video can be watched at Youtube.

The current robot has one Pixymon camera and will be upgrade to three cameras. Next, the PID controller for the movement is currently rather simple, that needs to be upgraded as well. For the programming of the robot, the standard Lego Mindstorms development environment was used. This will be changed to a more powerful programming language like RobotC. The developer who is going to execute this sideproject, is now investigating what the best choice will be.

I will keep you posted.


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