New stuff for Lego World 2018

Since the last update, new stuff has been developed for our layout at Lego World 2018.

  • The ‘wheel of fortune’ has been motorized. One of the issues that we found out during the visit at Lego World 2017, is that kids (and the parents as well) not always now to operate the Wheel of Fortune. For example push against the lever instead of pulling at it. The new version uses a button to start spinning the wheel.
  • Until now, we needed to sort the candies ourselves. We wanted to have an automatic candy sorter. Building it wasn’t a simple job, but we made it. You can read “the making of” at Eurobricks. The result is shown in the video below.
  • In the Medieval Period they used a trebuchet (a specific type of catapult) to launch rocks, so why not use this ancient technique to launch candies… 😉 By this means, we get the sorted candy to fill an empty container.



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