Goal for 2014

The goal for 2014:

  • Two independent trains
  • Two “Lasergun” to choose the wanted color
  • Marshalling yard with 4 tracks, containing a wagon in different colors

A sketch of the track:

Track Layout 2014

User scenario:

  1. Visitor can use one of the two laser guns to ‘shoot a color’ (eg red, blue, green, yellow)
  2. One of the trains is going to the marshalling yard.
  3. The train couples to the wagon in the chosen color.
  4. Train drives back to the location where the color was chosen.

Lego Golden Brick

The wagon will contain a candy. Or if we have enough time, the wagon will contain a token which can be used in a second part at our track. For example a slot machine or a candy factory that assembles a some kind of sweet.

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