Goal for 2018

The plan for 2018 is to have two trains, running on the track. One train is, like all the years up to now, responsible for delivering the candy to the visitor. The second train will return the emtpy containers to the candy dispenser. The trains run in opposite direction and a part of the track is a single line. In other words, we need to have semaphores to make sure that the train don’t run into eachother.

The delta crane to load containers with candies into the wagons will remain. It will need a bit of a redesign, though. The current version worked fine in the first 8 hours, but the huge amount of movements (~ 300/hour) was too much for the gears to lift the arms.

The wheel of fortune will be updated, as will the delivery station. The lockers of the delivery station will be kept, but getting the containers of the train and the candy into the locker, will be redesigned.

The biggest change will be the introduction of an automatic candy sorter and a warehouse. The operator will only have to put the unsorted candies in the silo, where the automatic candy sorter picks the candy one by one into the container. The warehouse will store the containers with the candies and keeps track of the place where they are stored. Another crane picks the containers from the warehouse and moves them to the pickup location of the delta crane.

Let’s see if we can make all of this work for Lego World 2018…