Long term goal

The long term goal for .NET on Track:

  • Two trains running simultaneously on the track
  • Two locations for visitors to choose candy (at least four different colors), the first free train is directed to the pick-up location
  • One location for the train to pick-up the chosen color
  • Full automated switches to direct the train to the right delivery place

The application is written in C#, parts of it will be generated from Verum/ASD.

.NET on Track - Long Term Goal

Some facts and figures:

  • Track size appr. 5 x 1,5 meter
  • Over  2500 hours in total (with 10 – 12 people)
  • Four  Lego Mindstorms NXT + Four Lego Mindstorms EV3
  • Two Lego trains 3677 + Rechargeable batteries
  • Two NXT IRLink Sensors (HiTechnic)
  • Two RFID sensors (Codatex) + RFID tags to calculate train positions

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