Sioux.NET on Monotrack … ?

One of the “policies” within Sioux.NET on Track, is to change a build every three years. In other words, when a build has been part of a Lego World demo for three years, it should be replaced by a new one. For example, loading the train was first done by the container crane, now it is done by the delta crane. The same applies for the train: the first years, we controlled the train by an NXT, now it is controlled by an EV3. For the new layout, I am thinking of replacing the train by a monorail (and thus renaming the group to “Sioux.NET on Monotrack” ;-).

You can following the engineering process on Eurobricks.

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Toypro published interview with our project

For our Lego builds, we are always in a great need of bricks. Lots of bricks. Bricklink is for that our main resource and it is a challenge to find the right bricks for a reasonable price and preferable at one shop to avoid too much shipment costs.

One of the best shops in town (literally, their main office is in Nederweert, quite close to Sioux in Eindhoven) is Toypro. They have a newsletter and we are published in their latest newsletter.

Click here to go the article in English or here to read it in Dutch. In total 6 languages are available.

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New stuff for Lego World 2018

Since the last update, new stuff has been developed for our layout at Lego World 2018.

  • The ‘wheel of fortune’ has been motorized. One of the issues that we found out during the visit at Lego World 2017, is that kids (and the parents as well) not always now to operate the Wheel of Fortune. For example push against the lever instead of pulling at it. The new version uses a button to start spinning the wheel.
  • Until now, we needed to sort the candies ourselves. We wanted to have an automatic candy sorter. Building it wasn’t a simple job, but we made it. You can read “the making of” at Eurobricks. The result is shown in the video below.
  • In the Medieval Period they used a trebuchet (a specific type of catapult) to launch rocks, so why not use this ancient technique to launch candies… 😉 By this means, we get the sorted candy to fill an empty container.



Impression of our visit to Lego World 2017 in Utrecht

From Tuesday October 18 until Saturday October 21, our layout was present at Lego World 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Photos of our layout can be viewed on Flickr, please click on the photo below to be teletransported to Flickr.


And on Youtube you will find two video impressions:


If you like our layout, please like our videos.

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Delta robot (flex picker) for Lego World 2017

A completely new delta robot has been build for Lego World 2017. The robot is based on the ABB FlexPicker Robot. You can read more about building the Lego Version at Eurobricks.

More photos are available at our Flickr page: and videos are available at Youtube:

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Pneumatic compressor for the 6-axis robot arm with auto start/stop

The grabber of the robot arm is opened and closed by pneumatic pressure. Therefore, I needed an air compressor that can generate a pressure of approx. 20 – 30 Psi. But how do you manage this air pressure? If the motor keeps running, the air pressure becomes too high. If you switch the motor on and off manually, you need to stay alert and watch the manometer if the air pressure doesn’t become too low. The solution: build an automatic start/stop system. In this article you can read how I achieved this.

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How to? EV3’s in Daisy Chain mode plus WiFi

If you have two or more Lego Mindstorms EV3’s in daisy chain mode, it is not possible to use a Wifi connection with the EV3 as well. For our project, we need this functionality. Two embedded software engineers in our team are now updating the firmware to make this work. But are we going to be in time….? From a project management perspective, it is always wise to have a fallback scenario. But is there one….?

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