Sioux.NET on Sidetrack…. something completely different

Within our fully automated train project Sioux.NET on Track, we are starting a new sideproject called Sioux.NET on Sidetrack.

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Final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (in test set-up)

At our Youtube channel, I have uploaded the final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (CRS). In the picture below, you see the CRS in the test set-up.

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First successful run of the Candy Rotating Stock Branch mechanism

I have added a mechanism to the Candy Rotating Stock to move a container to the branch where the Candy Crane can pickup the candy. In the video below you see the first successful run to show how the mechanism works.

  1. If the chosen color of the candy (green in this example) is picked up by the color sensor (left in the video), the rotating stock is halted when the candy is in the bottom-left corner.
  2. The candy is lifted by an elevator and placed on the branch. The roof tiles make sure that the candy container is aligned correctly.
  3. A push mechanism moves the candy container from the elevator to the branch.

Successful run of Candy Transporter Mechanism

Hooray! Today I had the first successful run of the Transporter Mechanism. Finally, I succeeded in closing the square (literally) that the candy containers are circling around in the container storage.

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Work in Progress – Extending the Candy Crane

The base of the Candy Crane Extension (with the automatic loading mechanism) has been built. I have bought lots of extra brick to build the rotating candy stock (see article “”).

Below some pictures of the start of the work to extend the crane.

Extending the Candy Crane - 1 Extending the Candy Crane - 2

Extending the Candy Crane - 3 Extending the Candy Crane - 4

More photo’s and recent updates can be found at our Flickr page.

Proof of concept: Candy Transporter Mechanism

For the version of Lego World 2015, we are planning to have an automatic loading system for the Candy Crane. At the 2014 version, the candy had to be placed manually at the time the visitor requested a color. The video below is a proof of concept for the transporting mechanism.

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