Robot arm picking up a container, first test

I have written a small test program for picking up a container from a pre-defined place. It is still a bit slow, but it works.


Building a robot arm with 6 degrees of freedom for Lego World 2017

For 2017, we are building a robot arm with 6 degrees of freedom.

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Engineering the new delivery station for Lego World 2016 – Part II updated

Our Flickr page has been updated with some new photo’s of the Delivery Station for Lego World 2016. You can click on the picture below to view the photo’s or click here.

Delivery Station 2016

Plans for Lego World 2016


Light Bulb

The Sioux.NET on Track team has made new plans for the layout that will be demonstrated at Lego World Utrecht in 2016. In this article, you’ll find a summary of these plans. Stay tuned this year for some nice buildings and of course, lots of programming!

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Lego World Utrecht 2015, an impression

Lego World Utrecht 2015

On day 1, our train has run about 100 complete rounds. Delivering the same amount of candy to the children. Everybody was impressed by the layout and the magic of our fully automated train, card reader, candy rotation stock, candy crane and the delivery station.

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Sioux.NET on Track for Lego World Utrecht 2015

Sioux.NET on Track for Lego World Utrecht 2015

The last weeks were rather hectic. Finalizing our fully automatic train layout was just like a real project: strange errors, unreliable bluetooth, confused light sensors. We had it all. But we made it! Continue reading

Final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (in test set-up)

At our Youtube channel, I have uploaded the final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (CRS). In the picture below, you see the CRS in the test set-up.

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