Coming soon: the birth of the container spiral storage

It has been quite a while that I have posted an article about our large train layout. But that doesn’t mean that there was no activity. For example, we have made some major updates to the software application and all EV3’s are now running on EV3DEV.

With respect to new builds, I have been working on the new Lockers (you can see the result on Youtube) and on the Container Spiral Storage. In the pictures below you can see some pictures of the creation of this new build. I will soon write a longer article about the birth of the container spiral storage and the challenges I have faced during the build.

Stay tuned …

Engineering the new delivery station for Lego World 2016 – Part II

In the previous article, I explained about the new Delivery Station for Lego World 2016.  In this article, I will give an update about the progress.

Delivery Station for Lego World 2016

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Lego vacuum grabber for picking up the candy tickets

For Lego World 2016, we have planned to pickup and hand over the candy tickets using a vacuum grabber.

Posted Image

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Building a power chain system (for the candy crane)

When building the candy crane, I was able to test it without using the power transformer (art 45517). At Lego World, because of the power consumption, it was needed that we hooked up both EV’3 to a power transformer. The cables of the transformer sometimes got into the running wheels, causing the system to fail. So, we needed to add a power chain system like this:

Power Chain System

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Plans for Lego World 2016


Light Bulb

The Sioux.NET on Track team has made new plans for the layout that will be demonstrated at Lego World Utrecht in 2016. In this article, you’ll find a summary of these plans. Stay tuned this year for some nice buildings and of course, lots of programming!

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Lego World Utrecht 2015, an impression

Lego World Utrecht 2015

On day 1, our train has run about 100 complete rounds. Delivering the same amount of candy to the children. Everybody was impressed by the layout and the magic of our fully automated train, card reader, candy rotation stock, candy crane and the delivery station.

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