Pneumatic compressor for the 6-axis robot arm with auto start/stop

The grabber of the robot arm is opened and closed by pneumatic pressure. Therefore, I needed an air compressor that can generate a pressure of approx. 20 – 30 Psi. But how do you manage this air pressure? If the motor keeps running, the air pressure becomes too high. If you switch the motor on and off manually, you need to stay alert and watch the manometer if the air pressure doesn’t become too low. The solution: build an automatic start/stop system. In this article you can read how I achieved this.

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Engineering the new delivery station for Lego World 2016 – Part II

In the previous article, I explained about the new Delivery Station for Lego World 2016.  In this article, I will give an update about the progress.

Delivery Station for Lego World 2016

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Lego vacuum grabber for picking up the candy tickets

For Lego World 2016, we have planned to pickup and hand over the candy tickets using a vacuum grabber.

Posted Image

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Sioux.NET on Track for Lego World Utrecht 2015

Sioux.NET on Track for Lego World Utrecht 2015

The last weeks were rather hectic. Finalizing our fully automatic train layout was just like a real project: strange errors, unreliable bluetooth, confused light sensors. We had it all. But we made it! Continue reading

Successful run of Candy Transporter Mechanism

Hooray! Today I had the first successful run of the Transporter Mechanism. Finally, I succeeded in closing the square (literally) that the candy containers are circling around in the container storage.

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Switch mechanism upgraded to EV3 L-motors

As mentioned in the article about the “Plans for Lego World 2015”, the switch mechanisms will be upgraded to the modular version. We use the L-motors since we have plenty of these left. This is how it looks:Upgrade switch mechanisms to EV3 L-Motor

We have four of these mechanisms: three for the marshaling yard and one for the delivery station.