How to? EV3’s in Daisy Chain mode plus WiFi

If you have two or more Lego Mindstorms EV3’s in daisy chain mode, it is not possible to use a Wifi connection with the EV3 as well. For our project, we need this functionality. Two embedded software engineers in our team are now updating the firmware to make this work. But are we going to be in time….? From a project management perspective, it is always wise to have a fallback scenario. But is there one….?

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Sioux.NET on Track for Lego World Utrecht 2015

Sioux.NET on Track for Lego World Utrecht 2015

The last weeks were rather hectic. Finalizing our fully automatic train layout was just like a real project: strange errors, unreliable bluetooth, confused light sensors. We had it all. But we made it! Continue reading

Final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (in test set-up)

At our Youtube channel, I have uploaded the final version of the Candy Rotation Stock (CRS). In the picture below, you see the CRS in the test set-up.

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Connecting the NXT to the EV3: use the NXT as remote control for the EV3

In the post of November 11, 2013 (yes, that is quite some time ago) I announced the beta release of the application NXT to EV3 Connection Hub. This application makes it possible to use the NXT as remote control for the EV3.

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Switch mechanism upgraded to EV3 L-motors

As mentioned in the article about the “Plans for Lego World 2015”, the switch mechanisms will be upgraded to the modular version. We use the L-motors since we have plenty of these left. This is how it looks:Upgrade switch mechanisms to EV3 L-Motor

We have four of these mechanisms: three for the marshaling yard and one for the delivery station.

Plans for Lego World 2015

We have made new plans for Lego World 2015 and partly with a new team. The group now consists of 9 programmers, including a specialist in Linux programming. Find out what he is doing in a Microsoft .NET expertise group…

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