Final version of the Sioux .NET on Track Physical User Interface for Lego World 2014: Two PUI-stols

Remember these PUIstols? Jan Willem van Silfhout designed these two prototypes out of his EV3 Education set.

Laser Guns Prototypes from Education set

The PUIstols were designed from the elements in the Education set. For our Sioux.NET on Track project, we have four Home Edition sets (so, we are a sponsor of all AA battery manufacturers ;-). I tried to rebuild the PUIstols that Jan Willem designed from our Home Editions, and came to the conclusion that this was impossible. There is simply said very few overlap in the elements…. with the Home Edition elements I came up with the two PUIstols (only the white bricks for the numbers came out of my own Lego):

PUIstol from Lego Home Edition (pistol only)

From the rest of the Mindstorms Home Edition elements, I made also a PUIstols standard:
PUIstol from Lego Home Edition

The PUIstols have quite a narrow beam. In the test program I wrote on the EV3 with two Infrared sensors, it all works fine. The final version will have four Infrared sensors, in the same colors as the wagons that carry the candy on the track.


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