Modular switch drive with PF, EV3-M, EV3-L or NXT-motor

Our track layout uses automated switches. The current version that we are using (three in total) is based on the NXT motor. Using a (NXT) touchsensor, the PC application can determine the ‘status’ of the switch (i.e. in which direction is the lever positioned):

Automatic Switch, based on NXT motor

Since we will need four switch drives and based on the EV3 (so it can be controlled by one brick), I thought it would be a good moment to redesign the drives.

I came up with a modular drive system. I designed a ‘fixed’ part without the motor that converts the rotation into the lever movement. And four different motor modules that can be connected to the axle:

  1. Based on the PF motor
  2. Based on the EV3 M-motor
  3. Based on the EV3 L-motor
  4. Based on the NXT motor

Train switch - Modular

I am going to design a separate module for reading the lever position, one based on the EV3 Touch sensor and one based on the NXT Touch sensor.

If you want the building instructions of these modules, please do not hesitate to contact me.


18 thoughts on “Modular switch drive with PF, EV3-M, EV3-L or NXT-motor

  1. Dear Hans,
    I really liked your creation and i am really interested to try it out.
    Could you please send me the instructions and the programme you created?
    I have the NXT block. Thank you in advance.

    • Dear George,

      Thank you for the kind words. I will send you the building instructions of the Modular switch. There is no (NXT) programme (you only have to turn the motor on and off in either direction).


      • Thank you very much for your quick reply! I am looking forward to built it!

        Regarding the NXT program, I worked on something simple yesterday, with the use of th light sensor. I will have to adapt it though, for your creation!

        Thanks again.


  2. beste hans,
    Na het bezoek aan legoworld met mijn kinderen is de “snoepmachine” en de trein een idee waar ze al een tijdje mee spelen. Nu is het plan om rond de kerstboom de legotrein uit te leggen en te automatiseren met de mindstorm die ze van de sint hebben gekregen.

    Nu proberen ze hem van de foto af te maken, helaas lukt dit niet. De grote vraag is of ze jouw instructie mogen hebben, om een stevige wissel behuizing te maken 😉

    familie bulsink

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